Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Easter Tradition

 Coloring Easter eggs is a must. We had a lot of fun being creative this year. We are lucky that Abby likes to keep as clean as we do. This was a moderately clean activity and I would say that it was very successful.

Benjamin is always the most creative and enjoys creating themed eggs.

I love color. It's fun to see all the colored cups lined up. 

I will not buy the glitter package again. It clumped a lot and was not as pretty as displayed on the package   My advice, avoid the glitter. Notice Abby's coral colored spiral egg. I was pretty proud of her for drawing the spirals all around.

One of the reasons that I love coloring Easter eggs is that I love eating boiled eggs. We had lots of yummy boiled eggs after the Easter bunny hid them around our house and Abigail found them on Easter morning. I had to double check that she had found them all. I am glad that I did. I found several boiled and plastic eggs that had not been recovered. Again, the Easter bunny overdid it on the plastic eggs this year. Who can control themselves when it comes to plastic Easter eggs???

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