Monday, June 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

We were invited by the Hicks to celebrate Easter Saturday at their Dad's house. They were so kind to invite us and we had a great time. They prepared an amazing Easter feast (the cooks were food scientists). Then we played.

Abigail's friends received this car for Christmas and little C. is an amazingly talented driver. Abigail took her turn at the wheel and had a lot of fun. I, however, am now concerned about her being an extremely distracted driver when she finally comes of age. Instead of looking forward (and heading in that same direction) she was always looking at the obstacles she was trying to avoid, which then caused her to actually head towards them. Silly girl. I don't have any pictures here of her driving, I think I was too nervous that she was going to hit something. I am not ready for her to be at the wheel of a moving vehicle.

Ben and I got a chance to drive on the four wheeler while Grandpa kindly watched the kids for us. We went on a fun ride through lots of fields. It was dusty and I remember wishing that I had glasses to protect my eyes. It wasn't until the end of the ride that I realized that I DID have glasses on. Doh!

We also had an amazingly huge Easter egg hunt. We had over a hundred eggs for just three small children. Their baskets were so full that the eggs just kept falling out as they were putting them in. I love Easter eggs. I guess I go overboard. I guess I'm haunted by all of the public Easter egg hunts that I attended as a child where I would only get a few eggs, so I overcompensate. I do not want her to end up with an empty Easter basket. It looks like that is not likely to happen any time soon.

Many thanks to the Hicks family for a fun afternoon, for wonderful food and delicious chocolate cookies, for an exciting four-wheeler excursion, for a successful Easter egg hunt, and for good company. We hope that everyone had a great Easter.

We again hid pictures of prophets and of Jesus Christ in some of the eggs and the kids that found them were rewarded with prizes. Everyone got a prize.

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Tawnya said...

That looks so fun!! And she is seriously so adorable!