Monday, June 17, 2013

High School Play

In this picture, her dad is showing her how to write her address. We were just finishing a church-sponsored service project at a children's home.

We took Abigail to a local production of the Wizard of Oz. It started at seven p.m. (her bedtime) and I was worried that she would not be able to last through the night. She was so excited to go and dressed herself. I probably should not have let her leave the house with her ballet slippers on, but she was so happy with herself.

So much fun.
She was enthralled with everything about the show. She sat there the whole time and was well behaved. She loved the story, the characters, and the magic. When the show ended (after 10 p.m.), her first words were "Can we see it again?" She still walks around the house singing the "oh eeh oh, oooh-ooh" song and "we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz."

We then rented the movie version and she enjoyed watching that as well. Dorothy still entertains so many years later. I loved the play as well and it was fun to see it through her eyes.
 They had several talented actors and actresses and their enthusiasm for the play was contagious. Abby especially loved the cowardly lion, he had her cracking up throughout the whole play.

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