Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Playing in Ohio

Lots of little ones equals lots of fun.

O. is putting on Abby's shoes for her.

We went to a children's museum called Totter's Otterville. I can't describe how amazing it was. It was so great! It made me so jealous. I live in a small town, which definitely has it's advantages, but I was reminded on this trip of some of the resources that we lack.

This children's museum was completely enclosed and had room after room of exciting things for the children to play with. There was a food court in the middle with reasonable priced food. Everyone was given a wrist bracelet to help identify which child belonged to which parent. There was so much to do. We spent hours there and the children did not even come close to seeing every room. So much fun! I saw a lot of parents there reading and enjoying themselves while there kids were happily playing in a safe and entertaining environment. The outside attractions look fun too, but we did not make it out there.

Here they are collected bricks that they will then carry to the other side to load on to the conveyor belt.

Abby dressed up as a ballerina and was watching the dance video and trying to do what they were doing. There were lots of tutus, shoes, mirrors, and dance bars available for use. So much fun. Abby and C. fought over these red shoes. They didn't fit C., but he WANTED them. When one fell off her foot, he grabbed it and put it on his. We finally had to leave this area to prevent more fighting. Sierra got lots of pictures of him dressing up a ballerina in the shiny red shoes.

They climbed into these seats themselves and it kept them all contained while we waited in line to order food. Abby was the only one smart enough (not brave enough) not to climb up and into a seat by herself.

Story time.

The figurine room. Lots of toys, doll houses, animals, farms, etc.

Lego photo op. Notice the fun ball pit behind. The ball pit had a ball return tube that moved the balls through a sanitation machine. Abby loved putting the balls into the tube and watching them get sucked away. She was so enthralled.

We also went to target for a brief moment. I entertained these two (or maybe it was the opposite) while Sierra shopped. They were well behaved and had so much fun playing in the cart. Here they are pretending to be asleep. I manged to buy Abby a few pairs of jeggings and get out of there without spending too much money. Maybe it is a good thing that I do not live anywhere near a Tar.get.

These are out of order, but it's too much work to change them. I took these photos at the house. I tried to get them both to smile. I'm pretty sure that I bribed her with fruit snacks.

This was at the aquarium. Shannon took this one.

Ball pit. This was fun.

This jungle gym was inside the museum and was adjacent to the ball pit.

She, of course, loved the water table and tried to monopolize all of the toys.

They got very wet.
I really, really loved it here. I don't even have pictures of the kitchen/store room, the puppet room, the vet room, the baby room, or the outside. They even had a section with a vanity and paint that you could sit and paint your own face. There was so much to do.


We ate lunch there and continued to play after lunch.

I was tempted to buy some toys, especially puppets, in the small store located at the entrance/exit of the museum, but I didn't. We had been planning on going to the zoo this day, but were worried about the weather and this turned out to be a fabulous alternative. Again, I am jealous, but so glad that we had the chance to go.

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