Sunday, June 2, 2013


I never thought I'd be that kind of mom that would be excited to sign her child up for sports. I did, however, do just that and was happy to. We signed her up through a local church and Upward Sports. I was impressed with their positive and supportive attitude towards the children. This was not a competitive or a negative league. Abigail was so excited at the tryouts and she loved her new cleats (which took me a lot of effort to find) and her soccer uniform. She was the smallest and the youngest on the team (team Asher) and therefore did not get much playing time in the games. She loved the practices though, and her coaches were extremely patient and kind to her, even though she spent most of her time "flying" around the field pretending to be a dragon.

She had ten practices and eight games. Our team did pretty well and she is still excited about soccer and wants us to sign her up for it again next year. That's a surprising and encouraging sign. Both Ben and I are ignorant as to what athletics are really about and we really feel at a loss to help her. We want her to do the things that she likes, but we also don't want to push her into anything that she's not interested in. She seems interested in soccer, and even chose it over dance. We will see what the future brings.

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Mallory Stoker said...

How fun! My dad always says that soccer is the perfect sport for little kids because it helps develop all the skills needed for other sports later. All my siblings and I started in soccer and then branched out to other things. I know what you mean though, I never know what I should sign my children up for. I don't want to push them but I want to encourage them to develop their talents. I love reading your blog! And we miss you!