Thursday, June 13, 2013


Soccer went well. We kept up with the games and practices. She looks so cute in her uniform.
Coloring a rainbow on the chalkboard.

Organizing the chalk that she received as a favor at a birthday party.

Sierra and I often took turns taking these two to soccer practices. Sierra really helped me out several times when I was unavailable to go. This evening she took them to practice and then tried to take them grocery shopping. They managed to spill their water bottle all over the cart and onto the floor. They were also covered with some kind of chocolate. I had just finished a MOPS meeting and came to pick Abby up from the store. I then watched both of the kids while Sierra finished her shopping. This fire engine only costs one penny. It doesn't move, but it makes lots of noise and they were good with that. We probably used at least ten pennies.

They were in a pretty good mood, considering it was ten p.m.
 Soccer pics.

She had to play in the rain several times.

See how she is mostly just standing around and not even aware of where the ball is.

Here she is planting marigold seeds. She picked out the seeds herself at the store and then put dirt in each of the pockets. I had her place three seeds (more or less) in each pocket. Then she watered them and we stuck them in the window. They have grown nicely. She was SO EXCITED when they started to bud.

She loved her coaches and spent a lot of time by their sides or literally hanging onto their legs.

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Tawnya said...

SO cute!! I love that she loves the coaches so much. What a cutie!