Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Public Service

For our end of the year field trip, we took the girls to the fire station and a kind fireman gave us a tour and told us about their engines. He let the girls sit up in the fire truck and taught them about fire safety. They said they are willing to help people in any way necessary, not just with fires.

It is so fun to see them independently reading and sounding out words.

This are high tech vehicles with cool computers and lots of gadgets. She was scared to get in at first, but finally decided to get in after about five minutes. The truck really smelled of smoke.

A young frieman then came and showed us how to put on the fire gear and the mask (I requested that they show this to the girls so that would know what to expect if they were ever rescued by a fireman). We were glad that the girls did not seem scared of him.

The fire man suggested that we take a photo on the front of the truck. What a good idea.

 Then we walked across the street to the police department. Our goal was to help the girls know that these people our public servants and that they have families and live in our community. They are not people to fear, but people that we can go to for help.
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He was great with children.

Here is Abigail, driving her first police cruiser. She even got to turn on and off the lights.

I also have a picture somewhere of her riding in the back seat of the police car as well. Somehow I misplaced it.

Field strips are fun.

I felt very appreciative of these public servants and all that they do for us.

Abigail also received lots of coloring books, crayons, and stickers as souvenirs of her trip.

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Kimberly Wilson said...

That fireman (or policeman) is seriously great with kids. Cool that he sat down on the floor with them.