Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cumberland Falls

The next morning we went to the visitors center and then walked over to see the falls. Everything was paved and protected with railings. I have heard that in the past there were no fences to protect children from falling. Even so, I was still nervous to be so near dangerous cliffs with my little girl.

The cascades were amazingly beautiful, I can't explain it, but it brought tears to my eyes. The weather was perfect and we loved seeing everything. Abigail wasn't near as patient as she had been the day before. She wasn't as fascinated by the geology as her parents were. She just wanted someone to play with her and spent quite a bit of time pouting. She was much happier once we got her to the beach.

These two are so sweet together.
The scenery was beautiful. This is the view right before the falls. It looks so calm and peaceful. We even saw a water snake swimming around.

Abby collected shells, shells, and more shells. She was not happy when we finally tried to take her to see the actually falls.

Her pockets were full.

The mist from the falls made a breathtaking rainbow.

This tree was the perfect size for her to snuggle in to.

Cumberland Falls Lookout.

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