Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eagle Falls

We took a family camping trip this summer to Cumberland Falls. We love camping and had a fabulous experience. We started  out with a hike to Eagle Falls. Abby was a great hiker to the falls.

I was astounded by the beauty and geometric precision of these flowers. They are called laurels and we were all fascinated by them.

Taking a break.

Hiking the many many stairs. Abby jogged up them at first she was so excited.

This photo was taken by a timer on the camera. We are sitting in a shelter that was built by the CDC during the time of President Roosevelt, as were a lot of these trails. 

Time for the downhill.

What a cutie!

She was adventurous, more than usual, and enjoyed climbing up hills and sliding down them.

Benjamin was beyond ecstatic to show her the water skippers and the tadpoles in this stagnant pool.

We finally arrived at the falls.

We spent at least an hour climbing over the rocks. We made it out to the river and walked along this sandy (hot) beach. The sand was full of shells and Abby couldn't collect enough. We had to drag her away after all of our pockets were full of little shells.

Then Benjamin had the crazy idea to hike behind the falls. It was fairly dangerous, especially with a little child, but we made it without too many scrapes. I was anxious the whole time, but these two really enjoyed the mist and the slippery, mossy  rocks.

Behind the falls.

Here she is in the sand again, looking for more shells.

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