Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Swimming Suit

I am always worried about my little pale faced child getting sunburns. I like to look for rash guard swimsuits. My sister Kristy made her little girl a cute body suit last year and so I commissioned her to make one for Abigail this year. I ordered some fabric online (which I wasn't impressed with and for which the shipping costs were more expensive than the fabric. Blech!) and had it sent to Kristy. She then made this cute swimming suit for Abigail. My mom went to Utah for a quick trip early summer to help my sister Karolyn prepare for her upcoming wedding and Kristy sent the suit back with her. We forgot to ask for it and Kristy had to call us to see what we thought about it before my mom remembered to bring it out.

Abigail was ecstatic. She danced and posed and showed off her swimming suit.

This video is hilarious. Poor, poor Benjamin...but, don't tell him. ;)


We've used this suit a lot this summer and she gets lots of compliments on it. It also has a cute skirt that goes with it and a matching flower. I heard that Kristy had enough fabric to make a matching suit for Katelyn. Too bad we were too busy on our Utah trip to get them together for a swim. Abby would have loved it.


joyous said...

Super cute!! I also bought body suits like this for my girls up until about age 5. Most especially for the beach when even sunscreen doesn't quite cut it!

Kristy Lynne said...

You are welcome! I'm glad you love it soooo much.