Monday, August 26, 2013

On The Road Again

The ten-hour drive went better this time. Last year I traveled to Texas by myself and had quite the challenges on the drive. It is so difficult to drive when a needy child wants me to hand her food, be her DJ, hand her toys, and entertain her. I always try to pack lots of toys, games, food, digital devices, etc. This time seemed to go better. I was especially pleased with the "Fancy Nancy" audio books that we downloaded and listened to on the drive. She even napped some. I listened to "Harry Potter" during the times on my drive when she was happily entertained or sleeping.

Being in the drivers seat also seemed to help me avoid car sickness in the mountains of West Virginia.

She immediately began loving on Chessie as soon as we arrived. She wanted the dog to climb up onto her shoulder and sleep there just like she does on Nana.

We also celebrated her four and a half year birthday. She has been anxiously awaiting this day as many of her friends were four and a half before she was. She is going to be sad when they turn five before she does. :)
We found four and a half candles and made some cupcakes, but there were no presents. This movie makes me laugh, you would think that by 4.5 she would be able to blow out her own candles. Sweet girl.


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