Thursday, August 22, 2013

Panning for Treasure

We also spent time at the visitors center and learned a lot about the falls and how they have been receding for many years. We learned about how people used to be able to swim below and walk under the falls. We also heard about people who went over the falls in barrels, some survived and some didn't.

In the gift shop we bought a super touristy, gimmicky toy for Abigail. It was a bag of rocks with gems and fossils hidden inside of it. Then we took it outside and were able to wash away the small rocks and reveal the treasures hidden inside. This was worth the money (maybe). The experience was so much fun for Abigail and she loves her fossils and shark teeth. Her father later, at home, went through and helped her know what each item was called and when it had lived. Abby shows them to everyone that will listen.

We also hiked down to the beach below the falls and watched some fishers fish. Abby played in the sand and collected shells, while we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

After lunch, we packed up and headed home. We were very pleased with our camping experience and were glad that we made the effort. It really was so much fun.

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