Friday, September 20, 2013

A Journey of Mammoth Proportions

Our next stop was Mammoth Caves. This is one of our favorite places to visit, it never ceases to amaze. We took a different tour this time and Abby was good, as usual. It was a two hour tour and we immediately felt the temperature difference as we descended into the cave. I think we took the new cave tour this time. The new cave was created by a man who blasted open an opening years ago so that he could charge for tours. They a steep and complicated stair system throughout the cave. In some parts there was water dripping directly on us, whereas other parts were dry and no longer experienced drainage.

The views were amazing. There was so much to see. I hated that we were in a group and that I felt like a cow in a chute getting pushed along further. The good thing about having a four-year-old with us was that people were generally more patient with us when we walked slowly. That gave us a little bit of extra time to admire the cave and it's many formations, crevices, and canyons.

She immediately recognized "her" letter in the historical graffiti.

This part was of the cave is a relatively recent discovery. It is still forming as the water still is dripping through her. Most of mammoth cave doesn't provide the correct conditions to form stalactites and stalagmites, but here the formations were breathtaking.

It reminded me of scenery from sci-fi films.

She's watching the water drip down onto this formation. She didn't touch it, though. Good girl.

We rode buses over. She loved this.  Denali managed to sit herself next a very nice looking teenager. She had been trying to stay close to him throughout the whole cave tour. He was a looker, and was speaking Spanish too. She was trying to take a picture of him, secretly, so she could remember what he looked like and Abby loudly asked "who are you taking a picture of?"  She was so embarrassed.

Abby took this picture of us.

Denali was extremely helpful on this trip. She loved the cave and later remarked that it was her favorite part of this trip. Yay for national historic sites! Abby keeps asking if we can go back.
We ate a large and delicious dinner at a Mexican restaurant on our way back. We were famished and thoroughly stuffed ourselves. Abby's typical order at a Mexican restaurant is a plate of beans. She will then eat an entire basket of chips and just dip them in the beans. That's it. Easy peasy.

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Jared & Tristan said...

Jared keeps wanting to go there, but we haven't had a chance to yet. Looks like fun