Friday, September 13, 2013


We even made it to the beach this trip. I could've spent several days on the beach, but we only got to be there for a few hours. We enjoyed the scenery, built sand castles, played in the water, looked for sea shells, and thoroughly loved this rare experience for us.

The beach toys that I had bought came in very handy. She even decorated the castles with shells and rocks that she had found without me telling her too. My camera got dropped in the sand though, and the lens no longer closes. Sigh.

My lovely mom accompanied us on this trip. She took a lot of the photographs for us.

My little mermaid.

She let me bury her in the sand.

We were having a good old time until another beach go-er told us that she had been stung by a jellyfish. We moved areas and kept a lookout. Then I saw one. So beautiful, but ack, a jellyfish. We left the area and went to another. After a while I saw ANOTHER jelly fish very close to us. We got out of the water, played in the sand, and visited with Nana who was sleeping in the shade across the beach. We then wanted to play in the water one more time before we had to leave. We walked back to our original spot near our chairs and were about to step into the water when I saw a jellyfish floating in the water just a foot from the shore. Abigail saw this one. I had to drag her over though, because she was extremely scared of the jellyfish.

We walked along the sand to the other end of the beach and got back in to the water. I made sure to make lots of movements and loud noises to scare away any animals. We danced and enjoyed ourselves until I looked over to my right and saw a large jelly fish, the largest I had seen yet, floating not far from me. It seemed to me that it's tentacles (right word?) were at least a foot-and-a-half long. So beautiful, yet so frightening. We decided to end our water play for the day. I could have sworn that I also saw a ray pushing off from the beach as we approached that end of the beach too. Some people were claiming that bad weather was pushing the jellyfish into the beach.

We then spent some time using her sieve to sift through the rocks and sand. We found a few shells and several sharks teeth. She enjoyed this and was ever curious to find more things.

The worst part of the day, however, was the sand. It was burning hot and my flip flops did not seem to protect me at all. It was agonizing to walk back across the beach to the bathrooms and the picnic tables. Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!!

We then headed home and it started to rain as we pulled out of the parking lot. We would have loved to go to the beach again this trip, but there wasn't time. We'll have to make sure to go again next summer. So fun!

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