Sunday, September 1, 2013


We had gone early to get our free tickets (on Tuesdays) to the butterfly museum and had plenty of time to explore before our 1:00 time. After the discovery museum we went and explored some of the exhibits. We had fun seeing all of the precious gems. She is fascinated by pyrite.

She spent lots of time playing with this magnetic rock. 
 Then we were off to see the butterflies again. We had to wait a bit, as they seemed to be short on employees.

Abigail loved the museum. She was still fascinated by the chrysalises.

Abigail tried so hard to hold still, desperately hoping for a butterfly to land on her. None did. She found one resting on this book, but it would not climb on to her arm. The butterflies were beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I saw all the amazing colors and patterns that were flying about. I had hoped Abigail would have been happier, but she was very disappointed that no butterflies had landed on her. Maybe next time.

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