Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Drive In

We went to the Drive In Movies again, this time without Benjamin. The rain kept him away. Abby loved playing in the grass, catching fireflies, and eating leftover cake that I had made for the 4th. This was the third of July and they had some fun fireworks for the show too. We met some friends there. We did get a downpour and crowded into the van for some of the time. We had to arrive at the "theater" hours early to get a good spot and the adults played games while the young children ran around and played in the mud. It was fun. We saw Despicable Me 2. I didn't stay for the second movie, World War Z. :)

The little ones loved playing with, and mauling, Denali. I think that they are pretending to be her twin dragons or something.

So photogenic...and so big. She is an amazing young woman and we absolutely LOVED having her with us for a few weeks.

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