Sunday, September 29, 2013


Denali found my stash of gingerbread kits in the basement freezer. Despite the fact that it is July, she really wanted to make one. Somehow I didn't get a picture of hers. Abby had to join in on the fun..

Gingerbread Train

Where is this picture from?

I don't remember what this is a picture of: Tattoos?
 I had never visited our local water park before, so I decided to go while we had company. This was an awesome park. My favorite part was that the water was a perfect level for Abigail to practice her swimming. She really improved. I bought her a pair of goggles and it gives her more confidence.

They both had lots of fun.

I promised the girls ice cream afterwords. It was REALLY cold in the ice cream shop. They had the air on full blast and we were in wet swimsuits. Brrrrr.

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