Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Insects + Space

Abigail was tired by this time. We found a spot over by the insects and she happily colored on the floor as museum goers passed us by. Color Wonder markers really are great. We were in a corner by where the beehive had been before it got some sort of disease that killed all of the bees. We also got to see a tarantula get fed. Apparently they only need to eat one cricket a week.

Here she is trying to hold a caterpillar, or maybe a cockroach. They had both, I can't remember which she was trying to hold. 
 Then we walked to the Air & Space museum. That is where Abby wanted to go. I saw so many gorgeous flowers lining the path as we walked.

We visited the same exhibits as before, walked through the space station, and played in the children's area.
I tried to get a picture of Abigail with the Capitol but the sun was too bright. I was having to carry her by this time, as our days activities had worn her out. It was a great day! They were doing some huge project on the grass that looked like lots and lots of boxes of bones being spread out across the lawn.

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