Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lincoln's Birthplace

We again made the journey to play homage to Abraham Lincoln and what is purported to be the location where he was born. A cabin was enshrined on the spot, but further research has shown that this cabin is most likely not the one he was born in. However, it is fascinating to learn about how they lived back then and to see the love that the American people had for this great president. The Lincoln's owned this property for a few years before the deed (which they had purchased) was disputed and they were forced to move a few miles away. The volunteer inside this "temple" building was also a volunteer firefighter and a teacher. She had great information about how log cabins were protected from fire and how the chimneys were built in a way that they could easily be unhooked and pushed away from the house. She helped us think about aspects of log cabin living that we probably never would have before, and this is my third visit here. Well worth it.

I love, love, love, these girls. We had such a good time. It was funny to watch them run up these stairs. They even counted them.

Benjamin loves to take people to see historical sites. We visited the museum, watched, the film, played with the lincoln logs, and just enjoyed the nice weather. I especially liked walking down the stairs to the spring that the Lincoln's got their water from. It was so cold, and yet we had only descended twenty feet or so.

She descended as if this were a slide. She's pretty proud of herself.

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