Monday, September 16, 2013

Paint with Water?

We were so excited when Aunt Denali came to visit for several weeks this summer. She flew back with Benjamin. We were happy to see them both. Abby was so cute at the airport. She kept looking out the window, hoping to see their plane. She was thrilled that they were coming. She gave her dad a big hug and he was glad that she had missed him.

On the first day, Abby grabbed a paint brush, dipped it in her mouth, and then proceeded to "paint" her aunt. I recommended that she get a bowl of water to dip the brush. They then "painted" each other for at least fifteen minutes. Denali is a patient aunt. I then mentioned that they could use real paint, and this is what happened. Abby was in heaven. 

I'm pretty sure this must've tickled ... involuntary shudder....

Did you guess that this was a butterfly? Abby did a really good job with this.

More butterfly and then a tree.

Abby got painted too. 
Such a good sport. Look at the paint dripping from her eyes. This paint is nontoxic, right?

Abby then proceeded to paint her own legs too. 
The girls had so much fun with this activity. They looked really cute. Denali washed her face clean as soon as they were done. Abigail protested when I told her it was time to wash up.

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