Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Post Temple Excitement

One of the mothers in mom's ward recommended IKEA as a great place to take kids for fun. We headed there after the temple and she really, really loved it. We had lunch and then just wandered through the store. We played make believe and sat on couches, etc. I did not leave her in the daycare, but just followed her throughout the store. I only ended up buying about $7 worth of merchandise. Abby still asks to go there, but the closest one to us is about two hours away.

Here she prepared me a feast and I had to keep her from actually touching the dishes to her lips.

This candle centerpiece could be hooked together to form either a snake pattern or a circle. It was the perfect little puzzle for little hands.

I bought her this small pool and some beach toys and she played for a long time in the backyard.

We even did her hair in curlformers for Sunday.
The first night that we slept there it rained. I noticed in the middle of the night that there was water dripping through the window and all down the wall, inches from where my head was. The paint was bubbling and peeling and the floor was soaked. I woke my parents and we had to move the bed and put bowls in to try and catch all the water. The landlord were later contacted and the problem proved to be a clogged rain gutter that was redirecting the water to the window by my room. They had to put a dehumidifier in the basement to help soak up all of the water. Eventful.

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