Sunday, September 15, 2013

Scrapbook Photos

I loved looking through the scrapbooks and scanned in so many great photographs. I've got a fun project planned for some day when I have time.

My dad's parents.

My dad's parents with my oldest sister and brother.

My mom's dad.

My grandparent's wedding.

My grandmother.

My parent's wedding.

My parent's engagement photo. Sorry it's sideways.

My mom's mom.


Lonna said...

I love all these pictures. However, one needs clarification. The picture with the little red car behind Heritage Halls at BYU is actually Grandma and Grandpa Cropper with Kimberly and Kenny . . . before you were born.

Kimberly Wilson said...

I thought I recognized myself in that one. :-)

Kimberly Wilson said...

Oh--I just read the caption, and see that you did indeed credit that the grandkids in the pics are myself and Kenny. :-)

Emily said...

I love these pictures!