Saturday, September 14, 2013

Some Last Photos

While in Maryland my mom and I spent a lot of time sewing. She puts sleeves (invented her own patterns) in the two dresses that I had bought to wear from my sister's wedding. Then I, with step by step guidance and help, sewed Abigail's dress for the wedding. It turned out very cute. I also taught my mom how to use Pinterest and she seemed to find some cute ideas for Christmas gifts this year. I also scanned in lots of pictures from her scrapbooks. Gems! 

I got several blog posts posted and spent a lot of time finishing my 2010 blog book through blurb. It turned out very nicely. I also worked on Karolyn and DJ's guest book for the wedding, which I made in MyPublisher. I could not finish it while I was there, though, because they had not finished taking all of their photographs. It was a wonderful trip. I had such a good time, and again I felt sad that I do not live closer. However, I am SO SO glad that they live this close to us. We were excited to see them again at the wedding in Utah. I got much less done one my Utah trip. I was super productive Maryland.

She turned the doggies toy bucket into a hat.

Chessie loves her little squirrel squeak toy and was thrilled when anyone would play fetch with her. It was pretty hard to get the squirrel out of her mouth. She loves to play and Abby played with her a lot. A funny thing happened one morning though when I was giving Abigail a bath. Abby and I were at the house, but Nana had to leave to go to the dentist. Chessie, not excited to be left 'alone', climbed into the window and howled after Nana left. She didn't seem comforted to know that we were still there. She sat there and just whimpered and howled for several minutes. Silly, spoiled puppy.
 We also took an afternoon to drive up and visit with Ben's aunt and her family. They spoiled us as usual. We even got to spend time at the pool while the kids practiced for swim team.

Sprinkles were applied generously to the sugar cookies.

Licking her fingers after enjoying some rocky road ice cream.

I love this photograph of my mom. She is so pretty.

Last minute cuddles with the dog. Abby held her tight and wouldn't let go and the dog finally settled down.

Abby drew this picture of her dad on her church picture. I loved the glasses. I also was impressed with the pattern that she made on the outside of the shield. She loves patterns.

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K-Krew said...

I would love to hear any tips you have on using Blurb. I tried to do it once, couldn't quite figured it out, and gave up. I turned to making photo books but would love to have a blog book as well.