Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Fourth

Random, unconnected to post picture: Playing in the rocks after church. These rocks hold some mystical power that makes them an amazing and a desirable location for after church play. The kids are inexplicably drawn to them.

Denali was with us to celebrate the Fourth of July, so we tried to make it fun. We even decorated and then invited some friends over for the occasion.

I got to use my chalkboard.

These were a hug hit. I left them up for several weeks and Abigail was thrilled to walk through them every day. She'd twirl in them, etc. So happy.

Denali decorated this chalkboard for me. She is quite the artist. I thought it was funny how she actually spelled out the southern pronunciation of America.

We tried to get a good photo using the camera timer.

This photo was so much better. I absolutely love it. Denali came prepared with patriotic stickers, candies, clothes, etc.

We had Lee's chicken. Enough said.

We worked hard to make this special cake. I found instructions all of the internet for it and followed the advice of several different posters, here is one that I liked. Denali recommended that we put pop rocks on the top so that the cake would pop like fireworks in our mouth. She was so kind to sacrifice her candies for our cake.

This was the final result. So much fun. This recipe used up four cake mixes. FOUR. We had enough leftover cake that I made an entire cake out of it, which I tried to pawn off onto the Hicks family. We still had more cake after that, too. This was good cake, though. The red layer was red velvet. The blue layer and the white layer were both made with confetti cake mixes.

We had great food, fun games and conversation, and fireworks. It was a good fourth. I am pretty sure that Denali was present for the annual recitation of the Declaration of Independence. Don't know how I missed that.


Lonna said...

I remember being at your home during one of the readings of the Declaration of Independence. I thought it was really cool! Wish I could have been there this year and tasted that creative, and oh so patriotic cake.

Tawnya said...

What a fun fourth!!