Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Project of Mammoth Proportions

 Our home has a great addition, a sun room, that we use as a playroom. It was built on cement slab and is fairly old. It is NOT connected to the ventilation of the house and is not a fun place to be on super hot days or in the winter. We usually close this area off during the winter and make sure to heat it sufficiently if we do use it. In an effort to see if there was any way to bring down our utilities cost and increase the efficiency of our 1940's plaster-walled home, we had our utilities company come and do an energy audit. They found that this room, especially, leaked a lot of air. They recommended caulking it, all of it.

I decided to take on the project this summer. I caulked all the windows. Then I caulked the corner shelves. I used an entire bottle of caulk on this shelf area. Seriously. Lots of air leakage. Then I looked at the walls and wherever I saw cracks in the paneling, I caulked. On the walls, this wasn't too much of a pain. However, when I got the ceiling I realized that everything single row needed to be caulked. I spent several days up on a stepladder caulking in each and every groove the entire length of the room. This room better be more airtight now!

While I was doing this project, I noticed how pathetic the paint on the walls was. The room looked pretty dingy and it really needed a new coat of paint. I decided that since the room was already in disarray, I had better do it now instead of later. So my caulking project turned into a room makeover project. Sigh. Isn't that how home repair always goes????

Denali offered to help and she helped me pick out a blue color for the walls and a white color for the ceiling.

I also then had to remove all the nails, fill in with spackling, and sand, sand, sand. What was I thinking? So much for a simple project. I think the whole thing, start to finish, took me three weeks.

We moved everything to the center of the room.
Here is some of the ceiling after caulking. I think it's still wet in this picture.
The corner shelf was the one part of the room where the wood paneling had never been painted. I bought some tinted primer to match our wall color and started painting.
Abby painted the shelves.

Abby put in a good twenty minutes. Denali also helped, maybe for a little bit longer than Abigail. Benjamin was "busy" with work. He's never, ever been super excited about any of my painting projects.
I was  so pleased with the finished product. The ceiling looks so nice.
Time to start decorating and preparing for my home school preschool.
The makeover was a success. I am also hoping that all of that caulking will make some difference come winter.

P.S. I could not get a straight line between the ceiling and the wall, darn that wood paneling!

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Lonna said...

It is so gorgeous! I remember doing many of those kinds of projects when you were growing up. I love the blue color and the white ceiling and trim just make it pop. Can't wait to see it in person.