Monday, September 9, 2013

The Temple

One of my goals this summer was to have Abigail take a trip to a temple. Due to the sacred nature of the ordinances performed within, young children are not allowed inside LDS temples. Benjamin and I try to go to the temple often, but we never take Abigail with us. I wanted her to experience the peaceful spirit of the temple and to feel the Love of the Lord that is so present there. I found a suitable day and we took a mommy-daughter trip there. The drive was slow (DC traffic stinks), but easy. Abby recognized the temple from a distance as it is very large and perfectly situated to be viewed from the freeway. It's very beautiful.
The weather was perfect and I was so pleased with the pictures that I was able to take.

Here she is looking up at the angel Moroni on the top of the temple. This angel represents the restoration of Christ's gospel through one of his prophets. This picture reminds me of President Thomas S. Monson's (the current president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) advice to "look up." God blesses us when we turn to Him. I want my daughter to know this and to gain a testimony of this truth.
 As we started walking around the grounds, she could sense the spirituality of the location. She hushed and walked slowly. I asked her how she felt and she told me that she wanted to say a prayer. She said a silent prayer and then continued walking around the building. I know that she could feel God's presence and that she knew that this was a sacred place.

I was excited for her to get to touch the door of the temple. These celestial symbols represents the heavens and the power of God and his plan of salvation.

The granite walls were polished so that they showed our reflections.

Then we walked over to the visitor's center where she learned more about the importance and purpose of temples. She was able to color, play, see a movie about the importance of families, talk with missionaries, and hear a dramatization of what Christ might say to his children while she was sitting near the Christus statue.

Seriously, what a gorgeous day! 

Hope it's okay that she colored the temples orange, purple, and pink. :)
This missionary was from Estonia. Abby's dad visited Estonia as a teenager while his grandparents were serving a mission there. He learned quite a bit of the language in preparation for his trip. This particular sister wasn't a member at the time and didn't know him or his grandparents, but it was great to see her nonetheless.

This was such a powerful experience for both of us. I truly love the strength that I feel as I visit and serve in the temple. I hope to prepare my daughter to enter in to the House of the Lord some day to make sacred covenants and prepare herself for eternity.

We later used these pictures in a Powerpoint presentation as she gave  talk in Primary about the importance of temples.

My youngest sister was recently sealed (married) in the Logan temple. I wanted Abigail to be part of the experience and brought her along. She waited in the waiting room with my sister-in-law's mother (sweet saint) while we were in the temple. She was very disappointed that she was not able to attend the sealing and was very vocal about how jealous she felt. I tried to comfort her, but was unsuccessful. I told her that some day she will also be able to attend a sealing and that God will bless her for being patient and for trying to understand the sacredness and seriousness of entering a temple. I hope that she enjoyed being part of the festivities as Karolyn and DJ exited the temple and took pictures with all there. I remember being jealous too when I was not yet mature enough to have a temple recommend. Hopefully she will be more patient than I was and overcome her jealousy sooner.

I also got the chance to attend the temple with my father another day on this trip. I couldn't find my recommend anywhere (found it weeks later in my swimming bag. huh?) and had to call my bishop early in the morning to get the okay to be able to enter. Luckily, he was available and we had a nice experience serving in the house of the Lord. 


thepurplecow said...

You're a good mama, Katie. Good job!

Shelly said...

We're the same way, always fun to find a temple they can see. We played "temple spotting" as we drove south through Utah in July, the kids enjoyed it.