Monday, October 7, 2013


Daddy loves to take Abigail to the college and give her opportunities to be a 'scholar.' On this trip a biologist offered to show Abby some of the snakes. Apparently she was brave enough to hold it. This is a corn snake.

I would be much more willing to hold a turtle. Turtles I can handle. Abby still wants a turtle for Christmas. Not sure about that one.

This guy looks pretty cool.

The chicks were a hit as well. How sweet. I love her face in this picture.

On another day, I offered to take Abigail to the library after she got herself dressed. She did so and this is what she looked like. Silly girl. She got lots of smiles.


Jansen Family said...

Yay Abigail! What a fun trip to the school! I got a pet turtle when I was about 15--it was awesome. I vote yes! ;) ~Carla

Tawnya said...

She is such a hoot! I love her outfit choice!