Saturday, November 9, 2013


I really enjoy using this chalkboard to post a message in my dining room. I do mean to change it more often than I do. I originally included the date every day on the chalkboard, but that got old, or hard to keep up with. I'm pretty sure that this picture wasn't actually taken on the fifth...

Playing doctor with daddy. If Abby is the doctor, then you always get at least one shot.

We also visited a historical Shaker village that we have been to before. We always start by the pond and had fun trying to feed the eager ducks. We also got to see an interesting show by the geese. It was inexplicable how they were so organized. I felt like we were watching a goose airport in action. There were groups of geese congregating in different areas all honking like crazy. Then a small group, all together, would take off and fly. Then two minutes later it would happen again. The geese knew what the cue to fly was, but we didn't ever figure it out. We saw at least six different groups of geese take off in this manner. I don't who was "manning" the control tower, but these flight takeoffs were well organized.

This was Abby's attempt at photographing the donkeys.

We then headed out for a nice long walk through the countryside. It was beautiful and not as overcast as the picture might suggest. Our little dawdler really enjoyed herself.

She stopped often to explore, build, touch, drag her feet in the rocks (she made a path in the gravel that was twenty feet long), etc.

Here she built a mound for the flower (that she had already picked) to live in.

I always love to see the different fungus formations.

It  really was a picture perfect family trip to the countryside.

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Kimberly Wilson said...

Holy Cow! I thought I was on the wrong site at first! Fun new look. :-)