Saturday, November 30, 2013


The reason we went to Utah this year was to see my little sister and only single sibling get married.
I can't believe that there won't be any more weddings to bring us all together. It was fun seeing everyone and I wish that we could all live closer. I loved how Abigail got along with her cousins and really would love if we could all see each other more often. 

I was fortunate to get to design the guest book for Karolyn's wedding. I made it online through a book-making company. That meant that I got to see ALL of the engagement photos ahead of time. Lucky me. These two did several different shoots and had lots of great photos to choose from. My biggest challenge was making the pictures small enough so that there was room around them for people to sign their names and to write their congratulations.

Here are some of my favorite photographs of these two.

I always wished I could be as pretty as my little sister. So gorgeous.

When I first saw these pictures, I cried for joy.

When we got to Utah, my little girl got to try on the veil. Ack! She looks so pretty, but Ack!


K-Krew said...

Beautiful photos, lucky you to be able to make their wedding photo book. I love your family photo from the wedding!

Lonna said...

What do you mean ack? There are so many years before you have to worry about Abby's wedding. On the other hand . . . Those years zip by!!