Monday, November 11, 2013

Family Trip

We love the historical stone fences that are typical here in the country.

A little sweaty, but happy. Look at her rosy cheeks. We had races down the gravel path, luckily no one took a picture of me afterwards.

We found the most amazing butterfly sanctuary. It was actually supposed to be a quail sanctuary, but there were butterflies everywhere. It was so beautiful. Ben had some magic to him and he attracted all the butterflies. Abby (and I) was very, very jealous. She was desperate to have a butterfly land on her but none would. Here dad was covered, and none would land on her. She shed some tears over this. She finally decided that it was the backpack that was good luck and tried to wear it. That actually helped and a few landed on her back.

The butterfly above landed on Ben and stayed. He was content there. After a few minutes, I tried to get the butterfly to climb on my finger and it did. It stayed there too. It was the coolest experience.  I was worried that if we tried a transfer to Abigail, that the butterfly would lose patience and fly off like all the rest. Not so. This was one chill butterfly. He climbed right onto Abigail's finger and she probably got to hold him and switch him from finger to finger for over five minutes. What an AWESOME butterfly.

She was SO happy!

After a while she tired of the good luck backpack.

We got tired after a while and some of us got to ride back.

Best family selfie ever. Wait, now I'm wearing the backpack. How did they trick me into that?

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