Thursday, November 21, 2013

More Family

She is such a good aunt. We loved getting to spend time with her.

We walked to the park, it was a long and hot walk. I got to carry the baby. Abby wanted to fly and pretend to be some kind of animal. Denali wanted to read her book. We stayed in the shade.

Little one didn't love the cold grass. I remember when Abby wore this outfit. So cute, fun memories.

Apparently grandpa is a jungle gym. She felt quite comfortable climbing all over him.

One of the trip highlights for her was riding (choking) the lawnmower while her uncle mowed the lawn and yes, she is wearing a firefighters hat.

Wish we could spend more time with this amazing child. She is so great!

Here we are unwrapping and counting the Reese's peanut cups that we then made into the most amazing peanut butter cookies. We made these ahead of time for the open house and froze them. There were few left over.

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