Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Outside Fun!

Karolyn spent her free time giving rides.
Karolyn came to visit while we were all at Kyle's. We had fabulous food and spent lots of time in the backyard. We played this bowling type game that I don't remember the name of. I wasn't so horrible at it..... Kyle played with a baby on his shoulders and still won. 

We also got out the sidewalk chalk.

I think Abigail got a hold of the camera her. See any family resemblance?

Once Abigail started feeling better, we took the girls to another splash pad. She is wearing the bathing suit that my sister Kristy made her. She liked that this toy sprayed water.

What a cutie!!!! Oh my goodness. I have the best nieces and nephews.

Kyle was a good uncle again and played with the girls as they enjoyed the water.

Here she is "flying" again.

Doesn't she have the most beautiful eyelashes???? I love this girl. So much!

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