Monday, November 25, 2013

Uncle Kyle and Family

We spent several days at my baby brother's house. He is such a fun uncle. He even let her bathe the super stinky dog. This poor dog is getting so old. She is sweet though. I'm glad that she can spend her last few years with Kyle. She's always been his dog.

Their home has a cute playroom downstairs. It is about three feet tall. I spent quite a few hours in that little room.

I love  that she is old enough to understand and play games. Here she is playing Crazy Eights with her dad.
I really enjoyed spending time with them. I rarely get to spend time with him and his family and I am so proud of all the do and of the life that they have created for themselves. It was a little crazy to see them all grown up with a house, a huge garden, a baby, and adult lives. I loved talking with them.

Amy was pretty creative with all of the zucchini from the garden. We had zucchini for every dinner and it was amazing. My favorite might have been the chocolate chocolate chip zucchini bread. Yum! I also loved the fresh preaches from their peach tree. Sometimes I wish our house had a better location so that we could grow a garden...then I remember that I have a black thumb and that it probably wouldn't work anyway. Sigh.

I also need to shout out to Amy for taking care of us even though Abby got a stomach bug. Although she was pretty good at not missing, Amy did have to clean up some. So sorry Amy. Luckily no one else got sick, except me, but I think I caught something different. I hate it when we get others sick during our vacations. Nobody will want us to visit anymore if we keep catching sicknesses on our trips.

I also need to thank my father and my brother for getting up at one a.m. when I requested their assistance. They administered to Abigail with anointed oil and gave her a priesthood blessing. She slept so much better after that.

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