Sunday, November 17, 2013

We Love Family

This year our trip to Utah wasn't very organized. Ben wasn't with me, I didn't have a car, and people were busy with wedding plans and work, etc. I have lots of pictures to share still, though. They probably are not in chronological order, but that is what happens when you pull photos from my phone, Ben's phone, the camera, and other people's Facebook posts.

On our trip we got to visit lots of family members. Here she is playing with her cousin. My sister Kristy was kind enough to have all of us over to her house for dinner. She made lots and lots of shepherd's pie and we had fresh fruit from her backyard. Everything was delicious.

Paper. Lots of paper. We took this paper and folded it into these flowers. I spent almost two days folding flowers for the reception, good thing they look beautiful. Karolyn even made her bouquet out of these flowers. So beautiful.

We even folded flowers while the children played at the mall.

I also made some fabric flowers.

We loved getting to see great-grandma. She was kind enough to let us stay with her, even when I got sick. We love her.

At IHOP Abby picked the chocolate chip chocolate pancake with a chocolate chips and whipped cream on top. It was too sweet to eat.

These two enjoyed being in the backseat together. Cousins. The older he gets, the closer in age to Abigail he seems to be. We love him too.

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