Sunday, December 15, 2013

Getting Ready

Once back from our fun trip, it was time to get back to work. There was so much to do to get ready for our preschool. I chose to stop working this year at the Montessori school and to, instead, teach a small preschool out of my home. I have two students, my daughter and another girl her age. I teach five days a week, for three hours a day. I loved that my friend was so willing to help me get this preschool off the ground and to allow me to stay home with Abigail.

The newly painted preschool looked great, and all of the supplies that Christy (the mom of my other student) bought filled in the room. It was definitely Christmas in August. It was so much fun to open all the boxes and to get everything ready for school to start in September.

I love that Abigail is interested in writing. She asks me to dictate the letters and is very patient as she writes out the words that she wants written. 
Some of the supplies required assembling. These sound tubs were some of the funnest. All of the pieces were unorganized and placed in plastic bags. We had to sort through all of the bags and make sure that the items for each letter made it into the correct tub. We also had to use the pre-prepared stickers to label the tubs.

Abigail's favorite piece was a small quail. She played and played with the pieces.

Christy  used this supply cart last year as part of our co-op preschool and I was so glad when she let us bring it to our house for this year's preschool. She had so many amazing resources and it has been so fun planning how to use and incorporate them into my curriculum.
 Abigail also began ballet classes this fall. She seems to enjoy them and now walks like a dancer, always with a bounce or a plie in her step. She even talks us into dancing with her sometimes.

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