Monday, December 2, 2013

Grandpa Richard

While Benjamin wasn't with us for most of our trip this year, we did try to enjoy the few days that he was there with us. He came just in time for the reception and then got to spend a few days afterwards with his family.

Benjamin took Abigail again this year to visit his father's grave. She loved drawing him pictures and being told stories about the grandfather that she never got a chance to meet.

She had wanted to buy him flowers, but ended up just drawing him some.

Benjamin added his own tribute.

Abby and I never got a chance to meet Richard, but we are grateful for his son, Benjamin, who is a most wonderful husband and father and we honor Richard's memory.

He also took her on a tour of the valley. What a great dad!
I am pretty sure that they went out for ice cream too and may have purchased some super delicious cheese curds. So much delicious dairy.

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