Saturday, December 21, 2013

School Days

My little student took this picture of me one day and I like it. She loves the camera and is always taking pictures. She takes more pictures of me than I would like, but this one is now one of my favorites. Yay for four-year-old-photographers.

Lacing Cards

This year I instituted a show and tell once a week. The girls are to bring in items that start with the sound of the week. They love this and they bring the best things to show and share. So much fun!

Alphabet tubs. They love to play with these any time they can get their hands on them.

I found a great book at the local library about M&M's. 
The m &M's Brand Counting Book - 1994 publication
It was so old that it included the tan M&M, which made it hard to do the counting activities, but we adapted. I really did love the book, though. It taught counting, math, organizing, shapes, sets, and more. It was tasty too. I was proud of them for being patient and waiting to eat the candies until the right moment.

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