Friday, December 20, 2013

Tried and Tested

Pattern Blocks

Pattern Blocks. This is one resource for the preschool that I am so glad we ordered. They have been even better than expected. This simple bucket of blocks has provided hours and hours of entertainment. These blocks are so versatile and useful. I love them and I love the creations that the girls come up with. 

The girls can either follow a prepared pattern or create their own. I love it when they do either. They are both proud of the things that they create and always ask to take pictures of their creations.
Here are just a few creations with the first few weeks of school. They will even choose to play with these blocks during their free play time.

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Lonna said...

Do you remember when we had one of these sets of shapes. They were made of foam and had cards that the child was to recreate using the shapes. You children wore out this game, (And lost a few pieces in the process.)