Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wedding Day!

I woke up on the actual day of the wedding, the we had been preparing for for MONTHS, with a stomach virus. I was so sick and weak. Ugh! Unbelievable. I managed to make it to the temple barely long enough to see my sister sealed to her new husband for all eternity. Then I was so sick that I wasn't able to stay for photographs and went home to my mother-in-laws house. I slept for several hours and missed the wedding breakfast. 

Somehow I pulled it together and made it to the reception that evening. I didn't look great and never got a chance to do much with Abigail's hair, but we were there. I felt horrible and wasn't able to participate much in the festivities, but it seemed like everything went well and the new couple enjoyed their special evening. Benjamin was a good husband and stayed by my side. There were several pictures taken of me leaning on his shoulder. I enjoyed seeing lots of friends from my past and tried to be as social as I could. We managed to get some family photos taken too. I didn't see much of Abigail that evening. She and her cousins ran and played throughout the gardens of the museum.

They served a waffle bar at the reception and I really wished that I could've enjoyed that.

We were some of the first to leave the reception, but luckily had accommodations only minutes away with great grandma. She let me stay there again, even though I was sick. She is so good to us.

Abby wanted a picture with this statue.

The happy couple and me.

Girl cousins in their matching dresses.

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Some people say that they can't tell  from the photographs that I was sick, but I can. Benjamin can't take himself seriously in suspenders and will probably be mad at me for posting this picture on the blog, but I kind of love it. Girls ARE different than boys.

All the cousins (except Spencer) together for one shot.

All the girls, except Nana. Where is Nana???

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Lonna said...

You may have been so very ill that night, but these are the most beautiful and awesome photos I have seen of you!