Monday, December 16, 2013

Word Wall

One of my favorite projects in preparation for school was the creation of a word wall. I really wanted one and wasn't exactly sure how to make it or how to incorporate it into the class. I researched the internet and found several different ideas and teaching suggestions, all of which influence my teaching.

I found a song online that received good reviews and decided to use it as my basis for teaching the girls basic letter sounds. The song is called alphardy and is set to the tune of the Jeopardy song. The girls really do love it and it has been amazingly successful at helping them learn to read. We sing it several times a week. They've made their own actions to accompany it.

I then found a powerpoint online that included the same pictures as were found in the alphardy youtube clip. I re-purposed them into my own document and then added in the alphabet letters. It was hard to find a font that worked how I wanted it to. Apparently type fonts do not include the standard block letters as taught to children.

 I also wanted the words to be printed onto a word strip. I searched in vain online for a jpeg image of a blank word strip. I finally gave up and just scanned in one that I had purchased one from the dollar store. I then inserted that image into a Word document, resized it, and superimposed text boxes over the strip until I had them how I liked them.

One of my biggest purchases for the school was a new color printer. I LOVE having a color printer. It really helped with this project. I was so excited about how the word wall turned out. 

We have used this word wall all year and add new words to it as we study the letters. The girls have progressed far from where they were at the end of preschool last year. 

I made the vowels a different color than the consonants. We started out the year working only with the short vowels.

I also love this Calendar math pocket chart. We have really focused on learning how to read a calendar, how to count high numbers, problem solving, estimation practice, writing practice, and pattern practice.

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