Thursday, January 23, 2014

Back To School

Chrsity ordered a whole bunch of AMAZING supplies for the preschool. It was definitely Christmas in October. I had so much fun looking at all the resources and she seemed to have fun seeing me open everything!

We got a set of rubbing backgrounds and rubbing crayons. "M" makes great patterns with these.
The girls were just as excited and have learned so much from all of the new resources.

This geometry box has been extremely entertaining. The girls plan, build, draw, organize, think, and learn. It's such a neat resource.

The girls writing has improved 500% since we started using these magnetic letters on a daily basis. I love how they are organized in alphabetical order. These are so great.

These magnet games are great for coordination and focus. These take a lot of patience and the girls are up to the challenge. I'm impressed. 

They always want me to save their work so that Christy can see it when she comes to pick up.

She also bought this globe. What a powerful teaching tool. So great!

I asked for these magnatiles and am so so so grateful she decided to buy them. They are so fabulous! They are such a versatile toy. There will be lots more pictures of these, because she uses them ALL OF THE TIME!!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to home school these girls. I love that Christy is letting me have her precious daughter in my home. I love her like my own. This has been such a privilege. I daily feel so much gratitude. In addition, she has furnished our preschool with the best resources. I love to see the girls learn and progress. I love that they have the freedom of learning in such a small group and I love how we have the flexibility to get up and go on a walk if it seems like the girls need it. This preschool has been such a blessing in my life.

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