Monday, January 27, 2014

Fabulous Idea

We had an amazing music leader teaching in our church primary. She found a fun idea online and decided to do it. She picked lots of different songs and then enlisted me to draw the outlines on the squares. I didn't like some of the pictures on the example quilts, so I just used microsoft clipart and google search to find the pictures that I wanted. Then I printed them out to the sizes that I needed and I traced them. I used fabric markers. The sister missionaries stopped by one evening and I talked them into tracing some too. It was a fun project. I really really loved it.

Then we let the primary children color in the squares. They are so colorful and the children really worked hard to make their squares look nice. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I cannot wait to see the finished project. We can use this quilt for so many projects. I think that the original idea was to let the nursery children throw a bean bag onto a square and then they would sing the song that corresponded to where the bean bag landed.  Unfortunately for us, our music leader was released and called to serve in the relief society. We now have a new great leader, but we are sad that Sister White won't get the chance to use the quilt that she instigated and made get used. We so appreciate her service.

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