Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I took SO many pictures in September. I love them.  Here are the rest.

Dancing to ABCmouse.com. They absolutely love dancing to the music videos. I have to give them limits.

Benjamin is helping Abigail make a Squirrel house. She filled it with leaves and acorns and really hoped to catch a squirrel.

We did an experiment where we covered some apples with lemon juice and some not. Then we watched what happened over time as the apples were exposed to the air.

From: confessionsofahomeschooler

Are those M&M's or fruit loops. She must like them.

Abigail, our independent child, wanted to make her own tray. When she finished cutting these, then she cut all of the bugs in half and made a tray where you had to put the bugs back together like a puzzle. She always wants to take over my job as teacher. She has really good ideas.

My good friend Sierra helped me make this chore chart. I used her cricut and was able to finish most of it in just a couple of hours. I then covered it with contact paper. It has a morning routine and an evening routine. It was very effective when we were actively being consistent about it.

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