Monday, January 13, 2014

Marble Painting

We do a weekly show and tell where the students bring in objects that begin with the sound of the week. We are pretty dramatic in our show and tells. The girls usually need microphone and lots of fanfare.
"M" is for mask.

I try to have a tray out every week that involves poking using a push pin to poke out a picture. I learned this activity from the Montessori school. This activity is supposed to strengthen the muscles used for writing and to help teach the correct way to hold a pencil. The girls are always proud of their punch-outs and their favorite thing to do is to color in their picture once they have punched it out. I like to put the cut-outs up on my word wall, but the girls usually won't share them with me. 

We also tried marble painting for the first time. It was messy, but fun. They were SO proud of their work.

This next picture might look like a school picture, but it wasn't. Abigail was giving her beach toys a bath. We had used these for a school activity. We had school at Christy's pool and I brought lots of waterproof plastic sea themed toys. We put them into the pool and then the girls got to "fish" them out. Then they had to put them on cards that had corresponding pictures and animal names. 

Afterwards, we gave them a bath. Abigail here is playing with a small dolphin. She played like this for a long time. She wanted me to get a video of the dolphin popping out of the soap bubbles. I'm sure the video is somewhere, but here is the picture.

Sensory bucket creativity. Sometimes I like to hide things in the sensory bucket that the girls have to search for. Other times I put in the plastic toys that do and do not correspond to our letter of the week. The girls then have to search and find all the toys and sort them into a "yes" bowl and a "no" bowl. There is something therapeutic about playing in the beans and rice.

I went with Benjamin once to help a family unpack their moving van. We brought the ponies to entertain the little one. She was happy to sit in the dirt.

M.'s big brother played with her. They played hide and seek with the smaller, one-inch sized ponies. One would close their eyes while the other buried the ponies in dirt or hid them somewhere. Then they had to find them. Abby loved it when he was tricky and made dirt piles that were empty. She loved to search through all the dirt. She doesn't mind getting dirty.

She thought it was fun to try and trick him too. She usually hid the ponies in the same places that he had hid them.

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