Saturday, January 11, 2014

School Again

I find that most of the pictures that I take nowadays are from the preschool. I just love it. I love getting to spend my morning with these two beautiful girls. We have so much fun! A lot of the times I cannot even remember exactly what activity we were doing, but I love how they are so engrossed in what they are doing. They really live life to the fullest. They get so much joy out of the small things. It is rejuvenating to associate with their excited, happy little personalities. It is a good thing to be like a child sometimes. The following pictures are from September. I am not sure about the circumstances of each picture, but I love them all nonetheless.

This activity included a set with small number feet and the girls had to move through the correct numbers on the feet.

I have been amazed at how well the girls react to puppets. Puppets really help, especially if one of the girls is grumpy or if  we are doing a work that is extremely hard. I find that I use the puppets most during the reading lessons. If I ever forget to pull the puppet out, the girls always remind me. I think that they are great for the physical attention too. Little M always wants to hug and kiss the puppets. I hope that it makes her feel loved and value. I really love getting to home school.

I reused this activity from last year. They sorted the cookies and then fed them to the mouse. 

Recess at the park. Let's carry around big sticks.

Spelling three letter words is already too easy.

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