Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

I went on a nature walk with Abigail. She brought her binoculars. She claimed she saw lots of peregrine falcons. Her latest obsession is the Kratt Brothers cartoon show. She can now spout off lots of creature facts about several different animals. She is especially interested in falcons. She pretends to be one and squawks at me all of the time. Every time she sees a bird in the sky she is sure that it is a peregrine falcon.

I brought a blanket, the stroller, coloring books, paper, markers, etc.  Then we set up on a blanket and just enjoyed the perfect weather.

Abigail decided that she wanted to make a scavenger hunt. I drew the squirrel, but she did the rest. Then we went around and searched for the items. I was so excited to see her interest in creating this on her own.

I think that this a worm. She recently had watched a Kratt bros episode about worms and knows "ALL" about them. She calls me "bro" sometimes. Silly girl.

Benjamin even was able to join us out on the blanket for a short time. What a perfect day. Simple experiences like this are some of my favorites. I love my family and my life. Looking at all of these pictures just makes me smile.

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