Friday, January 31, 2014


We did a science experiment where we learned about surface tension. We began with a bowl of water and then ground pepper onto the surface. Most of the pepper floated. Then they dipped their fingers in dish soap and then placed that finger into their bowl of water. They loved watching the pepper as it appeared to "run" away from their finger. We repeated this several times and experimented even more.

 Our big field trip for letter T was to the local park. We enjoyed the beautiful weather, fed the ducks, played at the park, ate yummy snacks, and then started our school project.

I love this picture.

I provided both girls with lots of toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes. We had tape, markers, and toy cars. The goal was to make a tunnel that would successfully allow for the cars to travel from the top of the picnic table to the ground. This was fun and frustrating at the same time. Some things worked and some things didn't.

I thought that this was a great activity to practice our budding engineering skills. I was proud of myself for biking to the park for this activity with both girls in the trailer. It's definitely a lot harder when there are two in there instead of one.

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