Thursday, February 13, 2014

Halloween Festivities

As is our custom, we like to do lots of Halloween activities in October. First we went across the street to our friend's house for a pumpkin carving/painting party. Abby painted a Frankenstein again this year. Benjamin carved the one with a bat in it. I "supervised" and monitored the food tables.

We also went to our ward's October activity. The primary was mostly in charge. I had to give instructions. We did a good job of setting up a fun carnival for all of the primary age children. We had lots of different games for them to participate in and also had a doughnut eating contest and a trunk decorating contest for the adults.

I didn't get a picture, but we decorated our trunk like a bat cave. :)
Here is a picture of my delicious seven-layer dip.

We carved fake styrofoam pumpkins too this year. They are great. They can be reused year after year.

Notice the pumpkins in the background.
We also went to the annual Fall party at Ben's work. The students had booths set up around the gym and the children went from booth to booth making crafts, playing games, and eating sweets. They even had a haunted house this year. I thought that Abigail would be afraid of it, but she liked it. She went three times. I asked her what she liked about it and she said "because once the wolf chased us. So that was fun. I just really liked it. I wasn't scared because I knew they were real people, they were just dressed up."

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Jenny said...

Your seven-layer dip looks amazing! I love how you do so many fun themed activities with Abby. What a fun mom.