Friday, February 14, 2014

Letter R

I love it when others help me decorate the chalkboard.

I try to incorporate play dough a lot in an effort to strengthen their hands and fingers.

Rainbow TracingThe technique is fairly simple. You give each child at least three different colors of crayons and a shape, number or letter to trace.The children begin by tracing the shape with their finger.
Then the children use one color of crayon and trace the shape. Then the children use the second color to trace it again. Then they use the third color to trace the shape one more time.

We had lots of fun with these bubbles. We enjoyed seeing all the colors in them.

I found this rooster (it plays the "chicken dance" song and walks around) hidden away and we had so much fun playing with it again. The girls love to pick it up by its neck because it screams and squawks when you do.

I usually have at least two or three trays per week that come from confessions of a homeschooler. This one was matching capital and lowercase letters and took up a lot of room.

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