Monday, February 10, 2014

More Pictures of her Costume

She wanted to be a bat for Halloween. I tried. I really did.

Benjamin has started sharing his knowledge about ancient Egypt with our little "junior scholar." She is fascinated and is EXCEEDINGLY proud of him. He wrote out her name in Egyptian and she has taken to carrying it around and bragging about what her dad can do. She even knows how to say Tutankhamen...I always just called him King Tut.

Sleeping bat.

Doughnut-eating bat.

Big-eared bat.

Upside down bat.

Bats still have to go to school. What does a bat learn in school?  The alpha-bAT. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! She loves that joke.

Bat doing crafts.

Bat learning the calendar.

The flying bat.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

She is the cutest bat I've ever seen.

I bet Benjamin is thrilled to have such an appreciative audience. How cute that she carried around her name in hieroglyphs.